Micro entrepreneurs are the owners of small businesses that have few employees and have little startup costs and annual revenue. There are various kinds of micro entrepreneurs who deal in various kinds of activities. Examples of micro entrepreneurs are owners of bakeries, beauty parlors, child care facilities, repair shops, arts and crafts shops, painting businesses, contracting businesses, family-owned shops, auto body shops, small-scale restaurants, and small-inventory trading businesses.

Based on official figures from the micro enterprises owned by these micro entrepreneurs, this sector contributes 8% of the National GDP, comprises 50% ofIndia’s total manufactured exports, 45% of India’s total industrial employment and 95% of all industrial units. Thus, this sector is an emerging one and has a lot to offer to the economy.

We, at Disha, try to help and in process learn from this micro entrepreneurs. This helps us in understanding the theoretical concepts of business better and also gives us insight of the practical scenario of business.

Some of the projects done by Disha :

Micro Entrepreneurship project on Pyaar Mohamaad Tea stall (Owner near MBGH Hostel) By Sagar Chug

Micro Entrepreneurship project on Aloe Vera Beauty Care(One stop Beauty Shop for all beauty needs of girls) By Mansi Gupta

Micro Entrepreneurship project On “Pack n jam” (Fresh Juice making) By Vivek MS

Micro Entrepreneurship project On Rajinder’s(Tea stall Owner) By Kartik Kumar

Micro Entrepreneurship project On Sulabh Saini (“The Flourist”) By Poli Das


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