MOEL – MUSEUM OF ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERSHIP is an IWSB-ITES’ initiative to pay tribute to the leaders who made their expeditions a great success in the entrepreneurial field. The museum concentrates on the great work done by the entrepreneurs for the amelioration of the economy and society.

MOEL is formed to honor the entrepreneurs by presenting their artifacts and biographies at one place. Our main idea is to get people know about them.”

DISHA took an initiative to honor the great leaders. This is the first step in  history of honoring the entrepreneurs , which itself is an entrepreneurial step that is to break the orthodox shackles, shatter the rusted beliefs and journey towards pinnacle of excellence.

In this world of fame and honor, personalities from various fields like actors, authors, singers, cricketers are considered as cynosures and they have a privilege to get accolades and recognition in the society so it is a small endeavor to  honor  the brave souls (entrepreneurs) as nothing like this has been done till the date. It is a platform for us also where we get a chance to felicitate them.

The museum will talk not only about achievements but more importantly about the spirit which made them fearless, so they could learn to fly. And fly they did, and now they have a story to tell. This museum takes on the job of narrating their story. A story that will inspire everyone to fly. And here, the museum’s job is done.

Mission Statement: We aspire to become the world’s finest entrepreneurial museum capturing the story of almost every successful entrepreneur.

Vision Statement: To recognise, celebrate and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship around the world.

MOEL is proud to have inducted the following Entrepreneurs within weeks of its inception:

  • Mr. Arvind Kejriwal –Parivartan
  • Mr. Vimalendu Verma – Founder, CEO, Magicsoftware
  • Mr. Mahesh Murthy – Founder, CEO, Pinstorm
  • Mr. Gautam Puri – Vice Chairman, Career Launcher
  • Mr. Nikhil Mahajan- Managing Director, Career Launcher
  • Mr. Shiva Kumar- Director- Research and Development, Career Launcher
  • Mr. Sanjeev Bikhchandani- Founder and CEO-Infoedge(,,



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