Rural Immersion programme

“The next century will belong to India, which will become a unique intellectual and economic power to reckon with, recapturing all its glory, which it had in the millennia gone by.”Dr. R. A. Mashelkar

The message is exact true for India and the whole world is now looking at India. India was the most developed country in the centries which has been passed. In the previous centuries India was the Golden bird for the world. The great business business opportunities are here. The most of its people live in villages(6 lakhs villages) and mostly depend on agriculture. During the tough time they have sustainable ways to live thier life. A lot of people have invented viable models which are very cheap and well to use like speeding cycle, innovative small tractor and desi fridge etc. These innovations took place in rural india. To understand rural india, how does it work? what are the cultures of rural India? Is this has sustainable system or not ? these are some question which can be popped up.

In the earlier days when India was a self dependent country because of villages. During that time villages were self dependent and in the villages there was sufficient provision to manage the lifes and villagers that time were enjoying their time. But Britisher in the 1800 AD started to detroy all small industries in the villages ex. detroying of seawing industries in Bengal in 1800 AD. etc  these activities destroyed the indian self employment system and led to a poor country in the comparison to western countries. But still India has a lot of resilient to grow and by the time it is coming outside.

Rural india is quite different from metropolitan cities. Some problems are also there. what are the problems and different to know this we (Disha team of IWSB) organise the Sodhyatra in the rural areas of India. in the last sodhyatras we have found that in the rural india there are a lot of innovation like one sodhyatra was done in Sunderban area of West Bengal there was found that how to use maximise of  existing resources without harming the environment and locality.

Tough these innovations are at very small level but corporate world can a lot from these innovations. How to use less things and make useful and viable things which is the cheap than modern western technologies and poor men can’t afford it.


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