Mr.Yogi, Chairman Santokba Hospital.

A session with social entrepreneur-  Yogendra Durlabhji profoundly known as yogi ji.

About Yogendra or “Yogi” briefly studied Architecture at IIT Kharagpur (inspired by Howard Roark in “The Fountainhead”) before switching to a five-year sojourn at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi where he majored in History. He dabbled in International Relations in California, taught English and History at the Doon School and Mayo College (in between games of squash and sets of tennis). He did his research on Education at the University of Cambridge and  submitted a dissertation on “Education in a Rural Environment – a blue print of media” at the university of London

Yogi ji is a legendary second generation social entrepreneur who has markedly contributed to the society. He has been recognized as a leader and an outstanding human being by the biographical societies across the world. His numerous achievements include International Peace Prize 2002-2003, Outstanding People of 20th Century, and The International Biographical Centre Living Legends.

The session started by defining social entrepreneurship followed by a video of the hospital that he runs in Jaipur and was started by his father PK Durlabhji. The hospital organizes an outreach programme,an initiative to help those that are unable to help themselves. It includes health camps in rural areas for a month and it treats around 2000- 3000 people who are below the poverty line, they work with the physically challenged kids, HIV kids, orphans and dyslexics. They also issue an aam janta card that allows patients to get discounts on the various expenses of the hospitals.

He shared his thoughts, beliefs and practices through a video. The session was so capturing that almost everybody sympathized with the needy and deeply felt of helping them. He shared that his long term long vision is the development of the rural India.

Yogi ji is a messiah for the needy, he firmly believed in doing small things for the masses at regular intervals and is always ready to address the problems of the common man.

Spark that keeps Yogi dedicated to render his services in this noble cause

The force, energy, enthusiasm that keeps Yogi attached with this generous cause is the last line his father said to him, ”Always try to fulfil your basic needs, don’t ever dare to think about accomplishing your wishes”. His father since starting mulled over the well-being of poor and took decision only after putting himself in shoes of the people who were below poverty line which can be best proved in this, once his elder brother asked his father to increase the consultation-fee and his father replied “Even if you want to dear it by a single buck ,I wont come in this hospital from tomorrow”, While lying on the death-bed his father asked him and his brother to promise him that after him they will not make profit out of this noble cause.

Replies to some of the question rose
1. What was the main cause that drove you towards this sector?

Once a peon came to me and his child’s condition was deteriorating, the chances of survival were just 5%. I somehow managed doctors and all the necessary components but even the doctors told me that the chances of survival of this child were very less. It was for the first time I shouted on someone and admonished that doctor that I want this child alive by hook or by crook. For the next 9 days doctor treated that child and for that period I didn’t even went to my home for meals. On the 9th day, doctor got succeeded in saving the life of that child. That peon came to me and put his turban in my feet which was something I had never expected because it was like putting his whole respect in my feet. That very incident molded my thinking and drove me to this sector.

2. How you manage to get funds?

Funds have been never a constraint for me; so many friends and acquaintances just by hearing that I am involved in this cause donated a large sum of money. Mr.Deshmukh (Member,Advisory Board ,Barack Obama) put forward a donation of 1 million $ after getting impressed by what he called the wonderful business model but I refused by saying that I have enough funds and please don’t spoil me and my organization with such a big amount.

3. What are your future plans?

Long term development of rural areas

4. What are your main beliefs?

Try to do Small things at small intervals
Good work is more about heart as compared to finance
Have a heart, compassion and address problems of mass

5. Initial challenges faced in terms of winning people’s trust and building positive image in society

Due to goodwill of my family and hospital was also in operation for years,so I didn’t face any problem in this regard,in early stages of outreach program I and my team didn’t have any idea,blue-print,line of action to work upon but just a heart,an instinct and a passion to follow.

6 .Work culture

For the starting 2 years I allow employee to work in their own way then after this period as they become known to the market, expectations of target audience, I make them work by amalgamating the vision of the organization in their each and every action and practice.


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