Seminar held at BITS-Pilani on 21st and 22nd August 2010.

Global E-Conference was organized in association with National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) serves as a common platform for aspiring, budding and successful Entrepreneurship-Cell (E-cell) members to interact and help in  building  successful enterprises. It creates a networking hub for people from varied domains since the attendee of E-Conference involves corporate, working professionals and students from all across the nation.

Disha-Centre for Inspiring Entrepreneurial Leadership being a Mature E-cell had been invited for the panel discussion for a topic ‘Building Networks beyond Campus with the Help of Projects’ with the likes of IIMs, IIT’s and BIT’s.

The first day at BITS-Pilani was an interaction session wherein the new immerging E-cells spoke about the problems they were facing and mature E-cells were to facilitate them with probable solutions through each other’s learnings and experiences. At the panel discussion

There were eminent speakers like Jayaprakash (Lok Satta Party), Dhiraj Rajaram (founder & CEO of Mu Singma), Anuj Sharma (Sarvajal) and Vijay Shukla (Sethu Ventures) who enlightened the crowd through their words of wisdom and of their experiences.

Thereafter we had an interaction with the members of NEN wherein we explained them the process through which Disha works, what all it has achieved and its plan for future. Realizing how committed Disha is towards its goal and the maturity level it has achieved.

IWSBians were told to share their experience of one of the event to set an example for the new E-cells since in respect with the scale we have achieved. The“Sanitary Napkin Project -Sahayog” set up by IWSBians in Khatima for upliftment of women there. All the e-cells were flabbergasted to see our work as none of them knew that an e-cell can achieve at this scale and contribute to society. Many of the emerging E-cells has approached IWSBians for guidance; one of them was Asia Pacific Institute of Management.


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