Technopreneur Promotion Programme (TePP)

We don’t talk about the names of successful entrepreneurs but about their hard work, their struggle while accomplishing their dreams into reality, their commitment to cater the path of success’ are the words with which Ms. Meenakshi, the presenter of TePP, FITT, IIT Delhi.

Ms. Meenakshi continued further to explain about FITT and TePP. FIIT, abbreviation for Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer is an industry interface of prestigious IIT-Delhi and it’s a network partner of Department of Scientific and Industrial Research ( DSIR) under Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. It facilitates the transfer of technology by means of development projects, consultancy, entrepreneurship, business incubation, training etc. and thereby nurturing innovations. It is operating a program Technopreneur Promotion Program (TePP) in and around Delhi.

TePP- The main objective of tepp is to support countless innovative ideas related to technology to convert into reality. As per the of FIIT delegate Meenakshi, this body provudes the financial assistance as this is the most critical factor that comes into the picture while transformation process of a standalone idea into a reality along with guideline support as mentorship, motivational encouragement etc. This program has multi-tier grant allocation process with amount granted increasing at each tier. In nutshell, this program holds hand by guiding the various people who can “really” think differently.

The reason behind conducting this seminar was to equip students with knowledge of government policies and schemes for Technopreneurs so that if any of the IWSBian want to take a call and try the factual validity of his/her idea then he/she can utilize a highly reliable and prestigious platform of TePP program. Another striking feature of this program was that it’s open for each and every Indian who can dare to think really unique and innovative let it be en engineer, or a house-wife.

The financial support available at various stages:

  • Technopreneurship (TS) support up to Rs. 75000/-. This is for micro budget innovation is given as initial support to prepare the innovator to work out their initial ideas to the point where they can be considered for TPF.
  • TePP Project Fund (TPF) support limited up to Rs. 15 lakh for each project. The application can be an individual innovator or a start-up firm.
  • Supplementary TePP support to successful TePP innovators up to Rs. 7.50 lakh. The support is for TePP innovators who have developed a product/process at concept proving stage for facilitating technology transfer to entrepreneurs. Activities supported are patent filing, testing/ validation, building improved prototype/design, preparing technology transfer document etc.
  • Seamless scale-up support up to Rs. 45 lakh through technology business incubation exercise for selected product/process.

The seminar came to an end by an invitation from Ms. Meenakshi to IWSB students to try their ideas on a platform where these ideas if found technically feasible can get transformed into a realty.


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