Disha center for inspiring entrepreneurship leadership

As a part of Disha’s mission of committing ourselves to creating new opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures that would have drive and impact, in shaping our tomorrow, by providing robust academic guidance and strategic industry interference, Disha conducts a series of work shops every second saturday. Our vision is to catalyze the process of one’s recognizing and harnessing, of one’s own entrepreneurial abilities, to collectively usher our communities to the bright and better tomorrow. As many young and budding entrepreneurs are looking forward to setup their own enterprise so an expert’s guidance and motivation can helps in fostering entrepreneurial ecosystem. In these events we will invite some successful entrepreneurs to share their views upon entrepreneurship. There are lots of myths about entrepreneurship which could be eliminated by this interactive session where one could come to know about the real issues relating to the business. There could be lots of learning from their real life experience like what could be the problems as a new entrepreneur, what is market potential, how to tackle various business issues, how to lead a group of peoples etc. Lots of questions which are in our minds about entrepreneurship could be answered through these sessions. We will learn how to grab the opportunities and how to remain focus upon our goal. We are looking forwarding to have interactions with peoples from different business backgrounds to have a fair idea about the particular types of businesses and their problems and specifications.


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