Saturday, 04th December 2010Greater Noida

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Indus World School of Business, Greater Noida hosted the annual entrepreneurship bootcamp (E-Bootcamp) on the 4th of December. IWSB in a prominent business school in the country which focuses on entrepreneurial leadership

Entrepreneurial journey is seen by IWSB as a deep inside-out journey. It’s a journey, which entails manifestation of individual experience sharing as pedagogy to understand and gain from individual entrepreneurial path. E-Bootcamp as a concept emerges from the core of IWSB philosophy to provide entrepreneurial leadership in the ever-changing world.

The day long event provided confluence of prominent entrepreneurs and Investors from diverse domain and exploits over three focused panel discussion sessions.

The entrepreneurs on the panel were, Mr. Girish Batra (Founder, NetAmbit), Mr. Satyanarayan R (Founder, Career Launcher India Ltd), Mr. Shantanu Prakash (Founder, Educomp Solutions pvt ltd.), Mr. Gautam Puri (Managing Director, Career Launcher). The investors on the panel were Mr. Gagan Kumar (Accel Partners), Mr. Vivek Agarwal (Liqvid) & Mr. Vivek Bihani (Insync Advisors Pvt Ltd). E-Workshop session hosted by Mr. R Sreenivasan, co-founder IWSB was well received by the participants.

Mr. Arindam Lahiri, Executive Director, IWSB delivered the welcome address. Mr. Satyanarayan R, in his keynote address outlined ever changing entrepreneurial landscape in India and emphesasied the critical role that new age business schools have to play to effect a crucial change in management education. The world is gravitating towards an entrepreneurial era and we must have respect for the past and focus towards the future, says Satyanarayan R.

The first panel discussion moderated by Mr. Girish Batra (Founder, NetAmbit) was joined by Mr. Vivek Agarwal & Mr. Gagan Kumar. The emphasis of the first panel discussion centered around “Opportunity recognition and early stage: The fun & challenges. The discussion centered around the early stage of an opportunity sizing and pursuit of an idea. Dwelling on the experiences of Mr. Batra’s journey and Mr. Vivek Agarwals first venture (e-gurucool), Mr. Gagan helped the audience with critical early stage financing challenges and troubleshoot thereof.

The second panel discussion focused on the topic from “Entrepreneurship to organisation: The journey from “a small thing” to “God”. Mr. Shantanu Prakash (Founder, Educomp Solutions Pvt. Ltd) began the session by recounting his experiences at IIM. “there was no element of realism at business school, says Mr. Prakash. “There was this bug in my head, and it was to do something new, something exciting, something big in future. I chose the area of operation as education system, primarily as this need less financial capital. I chose to intervening in education, in 90’s,

Mr. Gautam Puri (MD, Career Launcher) in a vivid description recounted the path Career Launcher, a leading edu-corporate has travelled in the last 15 years. The discussion centered on the “scaling-up” of a venture.

Post lunch, Mr. Vivek Bihani (Insync Advisors Pvt Ltd) and Mr. Arindam lahiri (Executive Director, IWSB) took participants through a session on “Value Creation: Architecture and design”. The session addressed questions like; how do entrepreneurs create value for all stakeholders, including society at large and stakeholders? Further, how do entrepreneurs create value for self in a sustainable manner- financially or otherwise?

The entrepreneurship workshop anchored by Mr. Sreenivasan R, Co-founder IWSB brought realistic account of how young entrepreneurs across the country have taken the entrepreneurial path. Sreeni, took students trough his patented session “Think Big, Start Small”. With examples from young entrepreneurs who were featured as youth icons to a huge collection of insightful journey, Sreeni concluded his session on a high.


The event attracted students from diverse background including TYE students (The Young Entrepreneurs Program conducted by TiE, Delhi/NCR chapter), members of academic community from top 25 colleges in Delhi/NCR, micro-entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship enthusiast.

IWSB E-Bootcamp presented participants with a platform to learn and bask in the light of individual entrepreneurial path of practicing entrepreneurs. The examples and insights brought a sense of measured realism into helping participants, take the entrepreneurial path.

With contributions from, Disha, Center for inspiring entrepreneurial leadership at IWSB.



26 responses to “E-BootCamp

  1. just going to start….stay in touch for live updates..

  2. students from top colleges of delhi (ncr) as well as many micro entrepreneurs are going to be part of #ebootcamp #iwsb #disha

  3. padmaja announced about the arrival of guests..

  4. panel discussion 1 Topic: opportunity recognition & early stage: the fun and challenges

  5. Speakers:
    for first session
    Mr. Vivek Agarwal (Liqvid), Mr. Gagan Kumar
    (Accel Partners) & Mr. Girish Batra (NetAmbit)

  6. Panelists Lighting the Lamp to mark the starting of @IWSB first E-Bootcamp.

  7. Saraswati vandana by one student of iwsb..to start this event…
    shubhangi sinha is there for the sarasvati vandana .

  8. #satyamandu chairman (iwsb) and arindam director (iwsb) presented bukeys to guests..

  9. Prof. Arindam Lahiri director IWSB is now addressing everyone.

  10. All d speakers along with Mr.Sreenivasan, Mr.Satya Narayanan & Mr. Arindam Lahiri Lit the Lamp 2 mark d start !

  11. Welcomes Mr Gagan Kumar, Accel Partners. For more information follow this link http://alturl.com/653eq.

  12. arindam talking about the achievements by IWSB in short span of time

  13. rindam: It’s nice to know that IWSB students starting their own ventures during their summer internships.

  14. Mr. Girish Batra moderates the discussion on “Opportunity recognition & early stage: The fun and challenges”…

  15. #satyamandu chairman (iwsb) talking about the milestones achieved by IWSB

  16. Satya: First come that came to my mind now is “Modest”.

  17. Students present @IEbootcamp : BIMTECH, TYE, IMT Ghaziabad, Faculty of Law- DV, Saciwaters, IILM, Galgotia’s !!

  18. Satya recollecting his early memories of starting up of Career Launcher

  19. Satya- A guru sharing how his students were at that time and now here they stand with him sharing the dice…

  20. “a big challenge with budding entrepreneur is to get that first sum of money from an investor. once that happens, rest falls in place” Satya

  21. it feels good to be at the #ebootcamp and having a view from behind with the organising team

  22. Satya: As an institution IWSB we want to flaunt fire and passion in a new ventures rather than just the size.

  23. Satya: Entrepreneurs create employment. Thats why this event is of paramount importance.

  24. Why become an Entrepreneur?” or “What is the importance of Entrepreneurship?” questions thrown to the panel for d discussion to start!!

  25. Mr. Gautam : You can not just get into Education with huge amount of money and be successful… It needs time !!

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