SEE (Society for Education Empowerment)

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A part of Disha (E-Cell of IWSB) has taken an initiative to provide a holistic yet informal education to underprivileged children of the construction site in and around greater Noida.This very informal education targets the growth in the learner’s logical perception, Mental ability and taking right inferences from the incident of their daily activity, overall “Real intelligence”. What we are still missing in formal schooling system. But the objective is very well conversed by the facilitation of well designed activity, good ambience, human resource and guidance of experts. Thus implanting right knowledge in budding and curious minds.

Knowledge forms a major component of all human activity, economic, social & cultural development of society and has become the major creative force of all development, hence creating new ‘Knowledge Based’ societies & economies. Knowledge is gained from access to education; hence both are essential elements for the development of all children, societies, countries, economies & humanity. The journey started 2 year ago by Indusians with 2 students now has reached to 60 regular Student.

Project Development:-The project is designed in three phase to cater the knowledge and services to different section of society. They are children, Adolescent and Youth.

•Phase One
  • Educating grown-up/school going/school dropouts children in age group of 5-10 years.
•Phase Two
  • Age-group of 10-14 and above they may be facilitated to undergo some skills training once they acquire basic literacy
•Phase Three
  • All age group people all around our work location provide an opportunity for socio economic development

Little Background of the Children’s:-

  • Child deprive from education and basic amenities of life.
  • No sanitation facility, Unavailability of safe drinking water, health facility issues.
  • They are inquisitive, eager, and sensitive and are needy too.
  • They are living in low resource area.

Most students here have come from a poor family; many families here do not have power supply. Being poor the mothers are not able to help the children in their studies. Whatever helps required is given to the children here in the informal school.

Our informal school without proper educational tools tries to provide the education needed to help these children take up their rightful position in the new global economy.

Structure of Our organizational operation: The member of SEE are sub categorized in three functional area of operation viz. Teaching Resource development, Teaching Facilitation group and Promotion and public relation group depending on the Knowledge and likability of the participants.

•Faciltators Group
•Promotion & Public Relation
•Teaching Resource &development

SEE at Glance:

  • Total no. of students reported –                                               60
  • Average strength of students                                                  40
  • Number of Facilitators-                                                           18
  • No. of working Hour-                                                           1.5 to 2 Hour

Our Daily Activity:-

  • Fun based tutorial classes
  • Moral stories & video show
  • Other Activity classes
  • Prayer
  • Distribution of Eatables (Sweets & Snacks)

Our resource Facilitators:

  • IWSB
  • ALL Students OF PGPM  BATCH
  • CL

Our Vision: Creating a sustainable structure of educational empowerment to cater the fundamental & intellectual need ensuring improvement in standard of living and vocational skills in society.

  • Sustainable structure of educational empowerment educational empowerment
  • Education for Adults
  • Education for Adolescent
  • Education for Children
An Unshed Understanding:
  • Every child is an opportunity to live your childhood again.
  • “Teacher” works on the psychology of child, which is delicate, deeper and fragile in nature.

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