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We, at Disha have a vision to catalyze the process of one’s recognizing and harnessing, of one’s own entrepreneurial abilities, to collectively usher our communities to the brighter and better tomorrow that we entrepreneurs, have dreamt for them.

To achieve this we have committed ourselves to creating new opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures that would have the drive and impact, in shaping our tomorrow, by providing robust academic guidance and strategic industry interfaces thus enabling them to realize their rightful goals.
Disha along with the IWSB’s Incubation Centre envisages promoting the values of entrepreneurial leadership, with the aim to nurture, harness and bringing to life entrepreneurial ideas among its student community and also facilitating such opportunities in the country at large. Srijan was our first initiative to provide a springboard to those numerous entrepreneurial ideas across the whole country. The winning start-up ideas of the day began their entrepreneurial journey with us and shall travel the distance between the generations of a brilliant idea to becoming a successful enterprise.


Srijan’09, was a completely student run initiative that started with the journey of inspiring entrepreneurial ecosystem of our Nation by creating the first ever platform, Srijan’09, that chose six bright teams out of 250 entries, with equally bright ideas, to participate in the incubation of their dreams. They are currently in the due diligence phase of preparation for the incubation to follow. A journey full of industry interactions and academic guidance that will allow them to pick up necessary skills and values along with insights they need in order to handle the scrutiny of our esteemed panel of venture capitalists and angel investors, awaits them as they close the finish line for the current phase.


Few of our partners for the first years were:

Some of the eminent persons who graciously accepted to be the Distinguished Jury for Srijan’09 were:

Prof.Anil.K.Gupta – Chairman Srijan’09 & K L chair Professor-IIM-A and EVC-NIF, Prof Ishwar Dayal – Founding Director IIM Lucknow, Anjan Das – Sr.Director & Head, IPR, Innovations, Technology & Life Sciences Division – CII, Sanjeev Agarwal – MD Helion Ventures, Mahesh Murthy – Founder Pinstorm & SEEDFUND, Satya Narayanan – Founder Career Launcher, Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, IBM; Hitesh Oberoi,COO,; P K Mukherjee,IT Head,TATA Steel; Abizer Diwanji, Head-Financial Services,KPMG; Adrian Williams,Head-HR,Reliance Money; Manish Saxena,Head-Knowledge Mangement,HSBC;Arun Kumar Ramanujam,Head-University Relations, CISCO; Viswadeep Bajaj,CEO, Valuefirst; Anuj Sinha, Advisor-DST,Govt. of India;  R Sreenivasan – Co Founder Career Launcher.

Further some of the eminent organizations who helped us with Jury during various rounds were:
CII,TQMS, BEL, Sona Group, JuxtConsult, IIT D, IIT B, IIM C, IISc Bangalore etc.

Srijan Vision 2010

With Srijan’09 we also kick started a process of self-learning and self-improvement through experiential learning with participant feedback, guided to continuously keep reforming the forth coming Srijans every year.

We have realized that a platform such as Srijan can assume a 24*7*365 presence to increase its reach and deliver better results. The platform can also be used to engage more and more entrepreneurs who wish to involve themselves in existing startups or share ideas and information freely. This is not all!! The platform can even provide budding entrepreneurs who wish to start their own enterprise and are not in the purview of Srijan business plan contest, with business insights and academic guidance related to their idea, through specific modules, designed to help people from diverse, non-business backgrounds as well.

Some valuable comments/feedback from the Judges(Srijan’09):-
Excellent initiative, worthy objectives and a Great partnership forged already in terms of mentors who have committed to participate like IISc ASTRA.
-Jayaram Krishnan, CEO, Keystone
What I liked most about Srijan’09 was its unconventional approach to encourage budding entrepreneurs. Young men & women from ‘not so front running’ institutes coming up with bright ideas which IWSB promises to nurture. Even not so educated talents with ideas which promise to make a difference were encouraged, which is definitely a right step to encourage entrepreneurial talents.
-Pradeep.K.Mukherjee, IT Head, TATA Steel
The experience of Srijan’09 was exciting. Young and bright minds, which are ignited, displayed their entrepreneurial potential in many ways which pleasantly surprised us.
-Brig.Ganesh Pogula, Director(Production), Bharat Dynamics Ltd.
Srijan’09 was very well organised. Just to add some value, certain business plans should be assessed based on returns, scalability, unique expertise of the team etc.  If these are done at a screening stage, the judges should get a copy of it. Keep up the Good work!
-Abizer Diwanji, Head-Financial Services, KPMG
Srijan’09 is a fantastic platform that provides budding entrepreneur’s a medium to showcase their ideas and get them validated by experts, mobilize resources and inputs. The ideas were fantastic and extremely diverse in nature. It’s a good step in the right direction, in the sense that it brings people from varied backgrounds together. Hope that a lot of these ideas get transformed into real life enterprises that generate employment and value for the society.
-Manish Saxena, Head Knowledge Management HSBC


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